Webinar: Banking & Finance - From Reactive to Ready with Better Data Management

An Exclusive Webinar for Banking and Finance

Hear from experts David Neil, Consulting Manager at Amplifi Europe and Rainer Runge, Chief Product Officer at Alex Solutions, as they discuss how you can take your business from reactive to ready, with better Data Management.

What’s on this webinar?

In this webinar, we take a deep dive into how metadata management can help you better manage your business, be innovative in an evolving and modernising industry, and overall enable better decision making so you're ready for anything...

The webinar features demos for key elements of Alex Solutions' revolutionary metadata management technology to show:

  • How to move from reactive to ready for regulators and audits
  • How Alex Solutions can enable better modernisation in banking
  • How Analysts can innovate by knowing their data
  • How to share knowledge about data across your business

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