Webinar: Create Trust with Metadata Management

"I have a critical report, how do I understand where it comes from and trust what it means?"

Hear from Arun Chandar, VP Data Management at Amplifi Europe and Rainer Runge, Chief Product Officer at Alex Solutions as they look at this question from different perspectives.

What’s on this webinar?

In this webinar, we take a deep dive into how metadata management can be used to capture and harness critical business information, and allow roles such as business users, data stewards and data engineers to build trust in the data being used.

We also demo key elements of Alex Solutions' revolutionary metadata management technology to show:

  • How a business glossary can help business users understand the quality and criticality of data
  • Why data stewardship and curation can help make better business decisions
  • How metadata management can identify where critical data is coming from

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