What is data governance?

Data governance is a collection of practises and processes which enables you to efficiently manage the complex data in your organisation. Learn more about data governance now.

Data governance is a collection of practises and processes which enables you to efficiently manage the complex data in your organisation. By introducing workable policies and relevant technologies, your data becomes more accurate, available and complete.

Let’s say you’re looking for an efficient way to manage all your various data types to ensure your business achieves its goals. Sounds complicated. But this isn’t just a mere, distant dream – this can be a solid reality delivering real business value, but only with the right data governance framework behind you.

What is a data governance strategy?

Having an effective data governance strategy in place allows you to have a centralised process so that the distribution and usage of data can be controlled, as well as ensuring accuracy. So, when would your data governance policies come into play? A data governance strategy ties your data quality strategy and your master data management requirements together. Data governance policies are integral to a seamless workflow and, more importantly, valuing your data correctly – as without data governance principles, it’s likely you won’t ever be able to achieve accurate and trustworthy data upon which to base your business decisions. Data governance also addresses the security and privacy elements of your data, as well as overall management of external and internal data flows. To put it this way, without data governance, your data management processes will be more inefficient and the quality of data in your business will be at risk.

Example of data governance

A great example of data governance can be found on our detailed guide on ‘The Blue Jumper’. It goes on to explain how you can ensure that a blue jumper is always a blue jumper, by using simple data governance principles. Here, data governance helps ensure that the data we’re viewing is correct – and that when your customer takes their blue jumper out the box, it is going to be exactly what it says it was online.

How to create a data governance strategy

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