What is Product Information Management?

What happens when you need to streamline the large and complex product data set in your company – but working with multiple Excel spreadsheets just isn’t making the cut anymore? Enter, PIM.

Spreadsheets are an easy, handy way to manage data on a small scale. But for enterprises dealing with large volumes of complex product data across multiple categories, it’s easy to fall into an inefficient workflow with a multitude of different spreadsheets. What happens when you need to streamline the management of product data in your company – but Excel just isn’t making the cut anymore? Enter, PIM.

What is PIM?

Product information management (PIM) refers to the data handling solution for businesses with a large amount of product data, content or material. PIM software is used by brands and retailers for introduction of new products and for the promotion and marketing of products across multiple channels. So what is the meaning of PIM, and how can it benefit your company?

What is PIM data?

PIM provides a place to store, collect and manage your product data – by handling descriptions and specifications, technical information and images too. PIM is also a way to ensure your website has best possible content, or to create a catalogue, inputting this data into a mobile app or distributing it across other various channels in the business. Therefore, PIM acts as the ‘middle-man’ between exporting and importing product data for a business.

Product information management software is designed to collate data from a variety of sources, including enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs), product lifecycle management systems (PLMs) external suppliers and excel spreadsheets.

Example of PIM

PIM can be easier explained with an example. Imagine you are a marketer at a popular fashion retailer. As a marketer, one of your jobs is to align the products across the website, the eCommerce store, the mobile app and the catalogue so that your customers get the best experience possible no matter ow they choose to shop. That’s a lot of product information. So how do you keep on top of all the data?

Excel may have become your best friend in the past, having multiple spreadsheets for shirts, trousers, shoes, accessories… etc… but this can become pretty exhausting, not to mention time consuming. There has to be an easier way?!

That’s where Comma Group come in. We can help you create an effective product information strategy which you can streamline and optimise your once laborious data management process – while ensuring accurate product information is all in one place. No need for hundreds of excel spreadsheets which make your eyes blurry by the end of the day – PIM solutions are the perfect way to revolutionise your business’ data management strategies.

What is PIM software, and how do I use it?

Comma Group's international team of industry leading experts provide specialist PIM consultation and delivery of innovative PIM solutions. We can address your unique product information management requirements and create a unified, standardised view of your disparate and complex product data. With partners such as Stibo Systems, inRiver, EnterWorks and more, we can provide the ultimate PIM support your business requires. Learn more about our Product Information Management services today at Comma Group. Alternatively, for more information or support on what is PIM, get in touch with a member of our expert team.