What's the biggest risk to a new digital strategy?

Rogue data.

Incomplete, inconsistent or just plain inaccurate, rogue data contains small errors that have a big impact on your business. 

Whether you're implementing MDM, exploring digital transformation, or using your data to glean marketing insight, rogue data can put a serious spanner in the works.

It skews the accuracy of your insights. It impacts on your bottom line. It can even land your organisation in regulatory hot water.

Almost every organisation has rogue data.

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So how can you overcome it? 

Bad data is often seen as a technical issue - but the best technology in the world can't eradicate the poor data processes that create rogue data.

At Comma, we see good data as the result of technology, people and processes working together to deliver your business vision.

Our strategic approach enables you to recognise data quality as a crucial part of your digital transformation. We help you to:

- Identify your organisation's digital objective

- Establish the data you need to drive it

- Outline the measures you need to take ensure your data quality.

We can then help to create the processes and protocols you need to maintain quality and consistency across the board.

If you need to address your data quality, there are several options available including;

3-week Data Quality Discovery includes:

  • A Kick off workshop to identify problem areas that can be scoped and assessed in the engagement.
  • Gathering initial Data Quality rules and start producing reports for analysis with the business.
  • Identifying the cause of these issues and beginning to work with the client on remediation - ie, how do we avoid these issues in future and also go about cleansing existing data.
  • Support in any workshops to go through data issues/reports and data quality life cleansing
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10-week Data Quality Capability Enablement includes: 

  • Designing a Data Quality Operation with processes, procedures and organisation
  • A Performance Metrics Framework to ensure that the DQO is having positive, vision supporting, impact
  • Facilitation of initial Data Quality Working Group meetings
  • An increasing array of data quality reports that are run weekly and feed a DQ Tracker
  • Mentoring of key staff
  • Optional technical training

Find out how we do it.

Contact Callum on 07854 801 361 or via email [email protected] 

We'll talk you through the Data Quality process, and explain the positive impact it will have on your team, your data, and your business vision.