What's your chicken?

Never have I ever - data edition!

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What’s your chicken?

Let’s play a game. Never have I ever: the data edition.

You know how it works. We give you a scenario. If it’s never happened to you, award yourself one point.

Never have I ever...

Ordered the wrong quantity of a product because of a data error. Such as the local pub who managed to create gridlock on a country road. A glitch in their data management caused them to order a truckload of boxes of frozen peas – not the few bags they actually needed. Or the retailer who ordered five times the amount of gammon needed for Christmas season (later known – not affectionately – as Gammongate to those involved).

Scored a point? Good for you. Keep reading...

Never have I ever...

Sent a customer the wrong product because of lazy data labelling. Like the supplier who duplicated product information online without thoroughly reviewing the details. This resulted in a convoy of 24 industrial printers winging its way to their customer - not the 24 desktop printers the buyer thought they had ordered.

Two points? Well done. But it’s not over yet...

Never have I ever...

Dented profits through poor data governance. A restaurant chain was using one type of chicken in their recipe data, and another in their ordering data. The discrepancy was costing them approximately £300k a year – yet it had gone unnoticed.

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Struggling to score a point on this one? We’re not surprised. Data dilemmas aren’t always hinged around big disasters. Sometimes, it’s small inconsistencies that are having a sizeable impact, but go unchecked due to a lack of data governance.

Not every business has a Gammongate, but every business has a chicken.

What’s yours?

If you don’t know, it’s time to find out. At Comma, we put data governance at the heart of our MDM strategies. We work with MDM and PIM vendors to ensure that their clients get the technology that’s right for them, while creating an internal framework that embraces data.

As for all of the examples above, they’re now using data to their advantage, embracing MDM as a way to add value to their business (not just to avoid disasters). Find out how Comma gave them the skills they needed to achieve this – and how we can do the same for you. Call us on +44 7980 782383 or email [email protected]