Case Study | Eidsiva Bredbånd empowered to deliver a data strategy that scales data capabilities to match growth

One of Norway’s leading broadband providers worked with Amplifi to validate their data strategy and identify the most impactful next steps

Eidsiva Bredbånd, a leading Norwegian wireless broadband and television services provider with over 86,000 customers, continues to experience rapid growth. They identified that their data capabilities must continue to scale in order to support their strategic intentions around growth and the innovation of new products and services.

Amplifi first engaged with Eidsiva Bredbånd through a free Data Capability Assessment that identified the key areas to address.

From there, we entered a strategy consultancy phase and worked with key senior stakeholders and Eidsiva’s internal Data and Analytics Competency Centre, through a series of workshops and playback sessions. In those sessions we reviewed their existing data strategy, made links between proposed data capability improvements to core business objectives and advised on the most impactful next steps.

The outcome was a more focused and validated data strategy with clear next steps that Eidsiva are empowered to deliver themselves, with Amplifi ready to deliver any future strategic support or technology and framework implementation.

“We are delighted with the guidance and advice provided by Amplifi on the process of establishing a data strategy in Eidsiva” said May Lisbeth Øversveen, Head of Data & Insight at Eidsiva Bredbånd. “It has been a real motivation to work with a team who truly understand the value of data.”

“Working with Eidsiva to support May and her team with their data strategy has been a genuine pleasure” said Stuart Squires, SVP Strategy & Consulting at Amplifi. “Our job is to empower our customers to deliver successful strategies, whether that’s starting from a blank canvas or, in the case of Eidsiva, helping to validate and bring clarity and focus to an already existing strategy.”

We are proud to be working with Eidsiva in Norway as part of Amplifi’s continued expansion into Northern Europe.

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