Case Study: How better data management creates better connections between RHP and their customers

Through better data management, Amplifi are helping RHP, a leading housing association, meet their goal of putting customers at the heart of everything they do.

Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP) is a housing association and registered charity situated in West London, responsible for over 10,000 shared ownership and social housing properties in the area.

As a leader in their field, RHP have a strong social purpose to provide their customers with good-quality affordable homes and modern services to people unable to rent or buy in the private housing market.

Building connections with customers

As RHP say, life’s all about making connections; whether it’s hopping on a train in the morning, hooking up to the internet to watch your favourite box set or something more long-lasting like the connections you make with family and friends.

And, at the heart of everything, is the connection RHP make with their customers and the connections their customers make with their home.

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As a forward-thinking housing association, innovation is key to RHP’s continued success. As a result, they approached Amplifi in 2021 as they realised that, to meet their strategic goal of putting their customers at the heart of everything they do, they needed support to undertake a major digital transformation, Rewire, to become a truly data centric organisation.

Creating a solid foundation for better data management

To build better connections with their customers, RHP knew that they needed to better understand who their customers are and what they need, in order to have a home to be proud of.

With over 900 sources of data and an extensive reliance on spreadsheets, it was clear to RHP that they first needed to understand their data maturity, the quality of their data and how best to govern it.

Following several discovery workshops, Amplifi’s team of experienced data consultants kick-started an 8-week programme of work in tandem with RHP’s team to truly get under the skin of their data.

The result was a strategic roadmap that gives RHP clear direction on how data can build a connection between their team and their customers. The workshops also helped RHP outline how better data management can improve the efficiency of their internal operations which all adds up to a better, more reactive customer experience.

“Amplifi have been a pleasure to deal with throughout the process” said Corinna Bishopp, Executive Director of Finance and a driving figure in RHP’s digital transformation. “They have acted as a truly critical friend and, through several very interactive workshops, have helped us identify how our data can help us continue to provide the best possible experience for our customers.”

As a leader in their industry, RHP are looking to use their experience to help other housing associations provide a better customer journey through data.

“The work RHP are doing to continually innovate to improve is incredibly inspiring” said Guy Bradshaw, Consulting Director and project sponsor at Amplifi. “To see a housing association so dedicated to building a true connection with their customers through data and wanting to pass that knowledge on to their peers makes what we do so worthwhile and rewarding.”

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And the work doesn’t stop there. This first phase is just the foundation. As RHP continue to work through their strategic data management roadmap, Amplifi will continue to work with them, ensuring the connection between the business, it’s people and its data remains strong.

Because better data management, as with life, is all about connections.

In order for Housing Associations to fully trust their data, they need to create solid foundations for better data management, which will then enable them to achieve goals such as better connections between them, and their customers. At Amplifi, we’ve already helped housing associations to tackle their data challenges. You can take the first step by downloading Housing Associations: a guide to data, where we outline the six basic steps you need to transform the way you use data, from strategy to culture and everything in between.

Download - Housing Associations: A Guide to Data

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