Data must-have: Data Governance

Data Governance has a reputation of sounding more ominous than it actually is when in reality, Data Governance is critical for ensuring data is properly managed and can be trusted to make key business decisions.


Data Governance is the lynchpin of digital transformation – a process that will get your data – and your team – ready to drive your business’ strategic goals by:

  • Creating consistency across your data
  • Ensuring that everyone understands data protocols
  • Embedding sustainable data quality, rules and governance procedures
  • Enabling digital transformation
  • Connecting people with data

Why data governance?

Whether you’re embarking on digital transformation, implementing a data driven strategy or investing in PIM or MDM, data governance lays the foundation for long term, sustainable success.

Any data strategy is only as good as the data you put into it. Data has the potential to drive growth and innovation, unlock new insights and underpin positive business change. Yet quality is critical. Without knowing what data you need, and how to maintain data standards, no data strategy can reach its full potential.

That’s why data governance is a key touchstone in any strategic data journey – but it’s often overlooked.

Demystifying data governance

The right approach to data governance provides the basis for a sustainable, long term data strategy, one that engages with every part of your business. Transforming the abstract concept of data into a relevant and tangible resource needs support and guidance.

Having a data governance strategy that works for your data is only one aspect to take into consideration – having a strategy that works for your team is equally as important. That’s why identifying the level of change management is essential. Understanding how to handle and utilise data enables teams to identify and understand the positive impact of data governance.

Realising the benefits

By initially targeting data governance processes to a known issue, you will quickly see its potential to drive positive change across your operation.

Our approach at Comma is to devise a strategy that delivers a focussed, but flexible, approach to data management enabling a deeper understanding of the data that flows through your business: at both a technical and business level. The processes put in place will define data definitions and keep data quality in check. Our ongoing support to embed these business changes help teams to realise the value of data.


The Comma difference

The most important part of your data strategy isn’t technology – it’s people. Successful data governance goes beyond systems and processes to look at how individuals across the business engage with data – and how data can directly benefit them.

Our approach to data governance has driven data success for a number of our clients.

Although it should be one of the first steps you take in your data journey, it’s never too late to address data governance. At Comma, we’ve worked with organisations at every stage of their data strategy, helping business leaders and their teams to understand data governance and realise the benefits it brings.

Comma’s data governance service addresses the way that data flows through your business, assessing the quality of the information, how it is processed, its relevance to your needs, and, above all, how your teams connect with your data. To find out more, drop an email to [email protected].