Trading up: keeping your bespoke features when upgrading your MDM or PIM platform

Swapping your bespoke vehicle for a new one isn’t going to be simple when you need those same modifications fitted... the same goes for your business' customised PIM or MDM platform.

So, you’ve built your perfect track car. It’s everything you need it to be; custom painted, race-ready, as fast (and as safe) as possible. But no car lasts forever. Maybe there’s a new race requirement that your current vehicle can’t accommodate, or maybe it’s seen better days and just needs an upgrade.

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Whatever the reason, you now need a new model. Yet swapping your bespoke vehicle for a new one isn’t going to be simple. You can’t expect to find a car with the same modifications as yours: which means either starting the customisation process from scratch or buying a tailor-made vehicle (with a hefty price tag).

Businesses often find themselves facing the same predicament when upgrading to a new data management system. If you’ve made additions and adjustments to your MDM or PIM, finding a platform that fulfils your new requirements and your existing data needs is a tall order, one that no vendor is going to be able to meet with an off-the-shelf product.

At Amplifi, we provide a simple solution. Our enhanced service and support packages enable our clients to upgrade to a new data management system, without losing any of the bespoke features they need. By liaising between the vendor and client, we can ensure that the right modifications to the new platform are possible for a fully tailored data solution.

With our three-line enhanced support solution, Amplifi can help businesses to maintain their existing specifications when upgrading to a new MDM or PIM platform.

We facilitate access to specialist consulting throughout the process – and after implementation – ensuring that any data requirements can still be met by a new vendor or data management model.

We combine our MDM/PIM expertise with an in-depth understanding of our client’s data goals, making sure that upgraded platforms continue to support business objectives and, finally, our support team enables you to build an in-house helpdesk to address immediate issues that arise during the upgrade process, and identify day-to-day ongoing improvements.

To find out more about Amplifi’s service and support offering, and how it can help you through the process of upgrading your MDM or PIM, check out our support guide below or get in touch.

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