Yoga or deadlifts? Choosing the right plan to get your data in shape

How can you identify the best way to build your data fitness (data quality) plan to maximise results?

What’s the best way to make any big undertaking seem easier? By having a plan.

No one decides to get fit, steps out the front door, and runs 5k straight off the bat (without regretting it later). You don’t decide to become an Olympic swimmer one day, and go toe to toe with Katie Ledecky the next. And you don’t achieve either of those goals without creating a plan that incorporates the right exercise and training to make them possible.

Similarly, it’s one thing wanting to improve your ‘data quality’, but if you don’t have a clear goal in mind and the right plan to achieve that goal, you won’t know what ‘good data’ looks like or the software you need to manage it.

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What are you trying to achieve with your data?

To figure out the specific plan you need, you first need to know what you want to achieve. Imagine your business is new to the gym. Want biceps bigger than Arnie? Hit a faster serve than Serena? Swim like Michael Phelps?

Each of these objectives requires a drastically different approach – and it’s exactly the same when it comes to data quality. You could be a foodservice establishment trying to keep tabs on food allergen information for the food you are serving. If so, you’ll need your ingredients, supply chain and labelling data to do some heavy lifting so that you aren’t getting this wrong a point of sale.

Alternatively, you might need data to increase your business’s flexibility. Perhaps you are a retailer trying to keep up to date on the latest retail trends and prices, and adjust your products accordingly.

When you’ve figured out what you want to achieve with your data and identified the data plan that’s right for you, you can decide what ‘good data’ should like. Then, the real fun begins.

Choosing the right ‘data gym’ to achieve those goals

To achieve those goals, you need to think about the actual environment and tools you’ll be using to get there.

If you're trying to get bigger arms, the running track probably shouldn’t be your first port of call. In the same way, it’s all about choosing the right location for your data to get its data workout.

If your business is dealing with lots of products, and your data goal is to centralise product information and make it easier, you need PIM. Or if your goal is to put all of your data into a single governed source, Master Data Management could be right for you.

Choosing the right data management solution can be daunting. That’s why it helps to speak to a data management guru that can look at your business critically, find out where you need to improve your data quality and determine the right data plan to maximise success.

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How does your equipment evolve to meet long term goal

You’ve figured out your data objective. You’ve looked at your goals, and identified the right ‘data gym’ to achieve those goals.

But here’s the thing. As your data gets fitter, your long term strategy might change. It’s the same way a fitness newbie might start running on a treadmill, but if they want to run marathons they need to get out on the open trail.

Things don’t stay the same in business. Whether it’s changes in the market, personnel or your business strategy, your data requirements can fluctuate. That’s why you need to have a data expert who can assess your current data quality strategy, and adjust it to meet the requirements of your new goals.

Amplifi is the data guru keeping your data goals on track

As experts in data governance and data quality, we know how to give your data a workout. Through our 12-week data capability set-up, we find out your desired outcomes for your data and build a data fitness plan around your needs.

So wherever you are on your data journey – if you are just coming up with a plan, want to change your existing data quality strategy or discuss a new goal - we’re able to help.

Are you ready to get data fit? Want to find out how you could change your company’s data quality in just 4 weeks? Download our guide to building your data fitness below, give us a call on +44 1926 911820 or get in touch today.

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